About Us

Welcome to the world of SingleWorks.  Here, you’ll find like-minded single women and men who are interested in not just creating new friendships online and in life, but who are also seeking to improve their personal well-being with the invaluable help from top experts in personal development, health and fitness, and lifestyle advice.

The brainchild of legendary dating industry executive Paul Ziter — who founded Great Expectations — Singleworks brings a fresh, 21st-Century approach to an age-old problem: How you can meet the perfect mate by first perfecting your life as a single!  As Paul explains, “SingleWorks is all about being happy now. It’s about celebrating and developing you, a whole, complete, healthy, satisfied person now, not someday if and when an ideal partner shows up.”

You’re warmly welcomed into our community that meets both online and at unforgettable live events.

Are you ready to live life more fully?  Let us show you the way.

The Team

Paul Ziter – Founder/CEO is one of the godfathers of the dating world! Paul has over 30 years in the dating, relationship, travel and event business and is the mastermind behind Singleworks.com

Julie Ferman – is a legendary matchmaker and dating coach with over 30 years experience. Julie is also a professional speaker, industry consultant, and media personality. She has been featured on Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Hollywood Trend, Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times, L.A. Times and Woman’s World to name a few. She was awarded the best matchmaker by iDate in 2015.  Julie brings a multitude of industry know-how to the SingleWorks team.

Tom Burton – Represents and coordinates efforts with Singleworks.com technology and marketing partner FlowMotion Inc. Tom Burton has 25+ years of experience building and operating successful and profitable software and technology enterprises including many online communities similar to Singleworks.com. Tom also brings a strong business management background and is a recognized expert in digital and social marketing. Tom’s social media and digital marketing expertise includes deep experience in customer acquisition and customer conversion.

Kevin Brown – 25 years in sales, marketing and business development. Expertise in business modeling, strategy, customer acquisition, partnerships and finance.

Stacy DeMarse – With over 20 years of experience in the event and travel industry, she has created a team of experts who create unique one-of-a-kind travel experience. DeMarse Meetings foundation was built on providing amazing experiential events and over the top customer service. Her talented team will ensure that every trip/event hosted by SingleWorks is a Class Act and will leave attendees wanting to come back for more!

Darlene Brown – CEO & Founder of Inkworks Marketing Print & Design Group. For 20 plus years our focus has been on creating extraordinary branding, design, strategy, and production, along with the overall project management for our customers. We work with Fortune 500 and start-up businesses with the goal to create designs that will inform, educate and entertain while increasing sales.