Double Occupancy World of Travel

I am a 50 year old empty nester who is single and loves to vacation! I have tried to vacation with my friends and family but due to hectic schedules and really different interests, finding a trip that fits for everyone can sometimes be difficult! A few years ago when I began researching travel options I realized there were several sites out that were dedicated to traveling solo.

I am a very social person so the idea of traveling by myself did not appeal to me at all. I want to go on vacation where all the details were planned and I could travel with fun individuals who were interested in doing the same thing as me.


Well after a lot of research (and of course wine), I found some fantastic all-inclusive travel packages that had the hotel, dining experiences and activities all rolled into one! Problem solved right? WRONG! Most of these travel programs were priced based on double occupancy so for me it was just not an option without a travel companion. So now I am back to having to beg a friend to go so I can enjoy an amazing vacation.


So I did! And the trip was fantastic! I spent 7 glorious days with 14 married couples along with my friend. I met some really nice people, but often felt like a 3rd wheel when my friend and I wanted to do different activities. None of the people I met could really relate to me as a single and I definitely did not make any long-term connection with any of them.   

So I asked myself, how do I find fulfilling vacations where I can interact with other like-minded single individuals? Is there a website or online community where I can go to get trusted information on safe places to travel solo (if I decided to be brave and travel alone)? Or travel packages where I can travel with other single like-minded individuals? Up until now the answer was no. SingleWorks Travel is a site dedicated to highlighting everything about travel as it relates to singles.

If you are:

– Ready to stop putting your bucket list trip off because you have no one to travel with…

– Tired of recruiting a travel companion only to have them cancel on you…

– Looking to make long-lasting relationships with other people who have like interests in food, beverage, culture, activities or adventure…

– Looking to have one place that is dedicated to travel and experiences related to single people…

Then you have found the right site! SingleWorks Travel will highlight everything about destinations and travel as it relates to single people. Did you know that cruise lines have cabins and programs dedicated to single people AND they don’t charge single supplement? Or that there are adventure travel programs that do special trips for single individuals? Or even that there is a difference between traveling “solo” and “single”? I had no idea! So make sure to like and follow the site to keep up with everything travel for single individuals like you and me!

About the Author

Stacy DeMarse

Stacy has applied her skills learned from more than 20 years of experience in the event-staging and travel industries to assemble a world-class team of experts who create unique travel experiences. Her DeMarse Meetings delivers one-of-a-kind, experiential events that have one thing in common: unparalleled customer service.

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